DC recap

Fresh off our trip to DC and I’m happy to report that Everett’s first trip was a success! Our little guy took to the skies like a pro. So much so that he got a shout out from the flight attendant over the intercom on his flight home for being an exemplary passenger.

Here are a few photos from #eviesfirsttrip:

Washington DC 2014[snuggling with dad during take off]

Washington DC 2014[hotel life is great!]

Washington DC 2014[checkin’ out the mall]

Washington DC 2014[future home?]

Washington DC 2014[oh hey Abe]

Washington DC 2014[so over all of these monuments]

Washington DC 2014[first dip in the pool]

Washington DC 2014[hanging out with cousin Frank and his gf Heather after lunch at Zaytinya]

Now, on to the fun part – my trip to the White House. The entire thing was so surreal. It’s true that while walking the fuschia lit halls I kept thinking I would run into Josh Lyman or Olivia Pope, but instead I got to chat briefly with the President and First Lady, pose for a picture with them (which I’ll share once I get it), and obsess over what an amazing opportunity it all was. Oh, and enjoy an intimate performance from Sara Bareilles. Not your average night!

White House 2014[you know I love a good tablescape]

White House 2014[dinner was de-lish]

White House 2014[I wanted to take the flowers home with me…and the china]

White House 2014[so lucky to have this opportunity – thanks to my father-in-law!]

White House 2014[she was amazing in person – so talented]

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  1. “Future home?” — Ha! So awesome. Also ❤ references to both Scandal and The West Wing. I'd be thinking the same thing!

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