A due date poem

sriracha baby due date

Twas Baby B’s due date and all through my belly,
the creature was still stirring and his mom was a nervous nelly.
The babe’s clothes were washed in Dreft with care,
In hopes his little tush would soon be there.

I struggle every night moving side to side in my bed,
While visions of labor and delivery dance in my head.
And papa in his camo, and I still gestating,
Had just settled in for one more week of waiting.

As we wait to spring into action, the final countdown is on,
The next few days certainly won’t be a yawn.
The doc gave us hope as he went out of sight,
“Soon Baby B will be here, and all will be right.”

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1 Response to A due date poem

  1. Brianne says:

    Those final days of waiting are tough! Thinking of you!

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