Scone baking 101

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone…

There is a lot to be thankful for this year, and we are so blessed that we were able to celebrate with friends and family over the long weekend.

Branstad Family Christmas tree 2013[cutting down the 2013 Branstad family Christmas tree]

Beaverdale Confections hot cocoa + marshies[cocoa and marshies from Beaverdale Confections]

Pumpkin Pie[the perfect pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving]

Elf on the Shelf 2013[Winnie the Elf is back!]

The lit Christmas tree 2013[relaxing before the little guy makes his grand entrance]

But it’s back to life, back to reality – back to counting down the days until Baby B arrives. Which is at three if you lost count!

Over the long weekend I also had the chance to learn how to make homemade scones from our favorite chef, Sharon Van Verth. She took time out of her busy holiday schedule and shared some great tips. These would make the perfect Christmas morning breakfast option served with gourmet coffee or tea and hot chocolate.

Scone baking 101

Blueberry Scones Recipe card[click recipe card for printable PDF]

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