All linked up

Turducken was a complete success! The three birds never tasted so good and I’d like to think I had a hand in that. I mean, I did literally hold the bird together while Marcus stitched ‘er up.

Turducken decor[the tablescapes + a turkey veggie tray]

Turducken 2013: before[Turducken 2013: before]

Turducken 2013: after[Turducken 2013: after]

My co-worker came in today talking about the snazzy bracelet she just picked up at Target and how it was on sale this week via Cartwheel. (If you haven’t started to use this app, I highly suggest it!) I’ve had my eye on a J.Crew version forever but just couldn’t deal with the sticker shock. Enter the newest splurge vs. steal scenario:


J.Crew vs. Target ]

Looks like the perfect stocking stuffer to me!

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1 Response to All linked up

  1. Caroline J. says:

    The turducken looks so yummy! And going to make that veggie tray for my Friendsgiving, cute idea! 🙂

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