Shower power

I am ready for the weekend – how about you?! Here is a little sneak peek of Super Sid’s partyware that I put together for the big bash this Sunday.

super sid party stuff

Tomorrow is our first baby shower and I can not wait! Earlier today I helped the grandmas out a little bit by setting up and I am so excited to spend the morning brunching with a bunch of ladies who are just as excited to meet Baby B as we are!

Terrace Hill baby shower


Terrace Hill baby shower - outfits

I know I’m not really supposed to be doing anything for the shower, but I just couldn’t help but whip up a quick little favor for all of our guests. I made these cookies for the Fourth of July this year, and they were such a hit that I thought they’d be the perfect tasty to-go treat as our loved ones leave the house.

Terrace Hill baby shower - cookies

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1 Response to Shower power

  1. Congratulations upon your new arrival coming soon! How exciting. This looked like it was such a lovely time with all of your loved ones to share the celebration! I loved how you did the little treat for your guests as they left the event. You are such a thoughtful person!
    Thank you for including and making my cookie recipe for such a special event! xo

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