Ahoy matey

How does your garden grow update: Of course we picked the hottest night of the week to plant, but it was so nice waking up this morning and looking out on our deck to see our perfectly potted flowers.

deck boxes


purple pot

We still need to put the finishing touches on our herb planter, but we are going with basil, thyme and rosemary this year. And like I said, I decided to whip up some DIY herb garden markers. Since we have so many wine corks lying around our house, I loved this idea.

Wine cork herb garden markers

This weekend we are heading up to the family lake house for a little R+R  and I can’t wait. If the weather cooperates, we might even get to take the new boat out. And what could possibly go better with a sunny boat ride than equally awesome boat shoes, like these:


[My fave Sperry’s: Traditional, Milly, J.Crew]

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2 Responses to Ahoy matey

  1. Meg Glaser says:

    Love, the flowers, love the boat shoes, LOVE the wine cork herb garden markers!

  2. Shirley Dreiling says:

    Really love the cork garden markers ~ cool idea. Flowers look great too! Enjoy the lake.

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