Play ball

I dream of Plinko update: I had every intention of blogging after the show Thursday night, but it was past my bedtime.

Absolutely. Amazing. The Price is Right LIVE took Des Moines (and the Haas ladies) by storm. We weren’t big winners, but we did get to see Cliffhanger, Any Number and Plinko played (pretty poorly, I might add). They should have picked me…

Barker's Beauties[Barker’s Beauties]

I had another three-day weekend and with temps in the 70s, I took full advantage of the outdoors!

Disney movies[Sid had a tough decision]

fresh flowers[orange you glad it’s finally starting to feel like spring]

sun tea[first batch of sun tea for the season]

Tomorrow I am headed to my first Iowa Cubs game of the season with my co-workers. I just hope the rain holds off! Nothing like a little team building at the ballpark.


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To-Do lists: I love the feeling of putting a check mark in a box.
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