March mojito madness

Helpful smile [and bargain]  in every aisle update: I can’t say enough good things about the Wellness program at my workplace. It is an amazing benefit that I wish everyone could have. The staff is full of knowledge and is continuously challenging and supporting us to reach our goals.

After the 5K on Tuesday, all of the participants were welcomed back with a few healthy treats. One of them being some pretty delicious power bars. They were so good that I decided to make them at home tonight so that I could have them on hand at all times.

PowerBars[power bars recipe via Wellmark]

There is a particular green holiday that is coming up this weekend that has been on my mind lately. To celebrate (albeit a little early) tomorrow, my sister and I are going to whip up this healthy green bevie for a little Friday after work cocktail.

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s day by turning your food and drinks green?

Greengoodies[all sorts of green goodies via Pinterest]

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