Under the sea

Sentimental Sunday dinners update: Don’t you just love when you try out a new recipe and it turns out better than you ever could have imagined? That’s how I felt at exactly 6:57 p.m. last night when I sat down with a bowl of white bean and chicken chili.

White chicken and chili [white bean and chicken chili]

I received this recipe from my hairdresser, Debbie, as part of our wedding guest book and it did not disappoint. I didn’t want to do a traditional guest book, so I sent along a recipe card in each invitation we sent out asking to share a recipe they love with us, as well as a ‘recipe for a successful marriage.’ This year I’m finally dusting off the box and putting them to good use.


[white bean and chicken chili recipe]

Downton Abbey 2013 premiere [post soup bliss in the form of Downton Abbey returning]

It is that time of year when I start to get excited about our annual Big Night dinner (check out photos from year one & two). This year’s dinner is a little earlier so I need to get the invites out ASAP. Which is why tomorrow I need to design, print and mail them! Not going to lie, it kind of snuck up on me!

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3 Responses to Under the sea

  1. The Big Night is such a great movie! My husband introduced me to it when we got married. I love hosting a party, but you are SO GOOD at all of the details. (Per the favors and theme post.) Also, Jesse’s Embers on the inside turned out to be the exact opposite of what it is on the outside. Can’t wait to hear what you try!

    • The very first Big Night dinner was based off of that movie and has since evolved. Hosting the evening can be stressful, but definitely worth it! Can’t wait to check out Jesse’s 🙂

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