Winter wonderland update: Make that TWO snow days for me which brings me to my official Christmas break for four days. Yesterday was the perfect snow day complete with coffee and Bailey’s in bed and a Parenthood marathon.

my boys in bed

[my boys snuggling in bed yesterday]

Today, since the power was still out at work, I had a bonus snow day and spent most of it doing some last-minute shopping with my sister and Sidney.

Christmas shopping [a little blurry, but that’s what happens when you are shopping with a 2-year-old]

I have it on good authority that the big guy in the red suit has heard my answers and will be bringing me a little something special from one of my new favorite sites, May Designs. What started as an idea to create cuter notebooks has evolved into so much more. I love the customization you can create for each notebook, and don’t even get me started on the monogrammed stationery.

May Designs

These make perfect gifts and would help kick off the new year in organized fashion!

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