Warby Parker

Three meats, more fun update: Turducken was a success! And with three different meats and all sorts of tasty treats for sides and delectable desserts, how couldn’t it be?

Turducken tablescape

Turducken gals

Turducken eats and treats

This weekend my sister Morgan had a tough decision to make so we helped her out with it. Her big dilemma was which pair of glasses she should buy from Warby Parker.

What is Warby Parker you say? Well, it is an online eyewear retailer that sells boutique-quality prescription eyewear for $95 and donates a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair sold. (Gushing ahead. No, I do not work for them – I just think it’s a great concept and quite the bargain.) Their aesthetic is vintage-inspired with a contemporary twist. And if the price point didn’t sell you, they even have a free home try-on program.

This is what Morgan had this weekend. She picked out five pairs from their website that she liked and got them (shipped for free) to her doorstep. Then came the consultation with her most trusted advisers (i.e. me, Marissa, mom, one of her besties via Skype, and a random lady at Trader Joe’s) to help decide which ones she liked the best. Since she had the trial anyway, I decided to try on a few of her “rejects” and ended up finding a pair that I liked. I then proceeded to wear them around most of the weekend to get feedback as well.

Warby Parker 1

Warby Parker 2

After falling in love with the Preston in Whiskey Tortoise, I must schedule an appointment to go get my eyes checked so I can have the most up-to-date prescription on hand for when I order them. I’m even thinking these would be a great item to add to my Christmas wish list!

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