Decking the halls

Your vote counts update: Did you get out and vote today? I sure hope so. Marcus and I sent in our votes early this year, so we didn’t have to worry about the lines at the polls. Now we just wait and see…

It has long been a goal of mine to run a 5k and it wasn’t until recently that I finally put in the time to train to do one. Today I participated in DMU’s Turkey Trot and as of 12:33:37 p.m., I have successfully checked it off of my lifetime to-do list. And you know what, it wasn’t that bad, even with the wind gusts and south of Grand hills. No, I didn’t set any world records, but I just kept going and that is all that matters to me.

DMU Turkey Trot

Most of the stores I’ve been into recently are in full-force holiday mode and the local home goods store, Accents + Interiors, is no different. They are having a holiday open house starting tomorrow and I can’t wait to check out what they have in stock. I’m hoping to find a few Christmas gifts for co-workers and maybe even a little something-something for myself.

Accents + Interiors

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To-Do lists: I love the feeling of putting a check mark in a box.
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