Scare Us Hill

Blowin’ out candles update: I won’t lie. This past weekend was not the relaxing birthday weekend everyone longs for. Instead, I spent most of it getting ready for the big Halloween party, Scare Us Hill, that will finally be here tomorrow. Here is a little weekend round-up of all the craziness!


I got a visit from the breakfast in bed fairy.

Smiled big for the camera

Smiled big for the camera – Branstad Family Holiday photos 2012

Birthday spread

Kept the party going with a post-photo shoot mimosa & bloody mary spread.

Scare Us Hill 2012 - in the works

Started bringing Scare Us Hill to life at Terrace Hill.


Snuggled with this cute ball of fur. Ruff.

Birthday dinner

Celebrated with the family at Centro.

Birthday gifts 2012

Got some super fabulous gifts!

I crammed so much into last weekend (mostly a ton of Scare Us Hill decorating), but it was all worth it when I received this little bouquet at work today from the Bean.

Scare Us Hill flowers

For a two-year-old, she’s pretty thoughtful!

And after I got done with even more decorating tonight I rushed over to catch the tail end of trick-or-treating so that I could see Bean in her costume.

Halloween Trick-or-treating 2012

Love me some ice cream.

Tomorrow is the day, or night really, that I have anxiously/nervously/excitedly waited for – Terrace Hill will open its doors to costumed creatures and throw one big Halloween bash. Let’s do this.

Princess Leia

“Help me Marki-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.”

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