Saturday every day

Gobble, cluck, quack update: Turducken invites are done! Printed, addressed, stamped and on their merry way. Can’t wait until November 11th to celebrate with our families!

Turducken invitation 2012

I received an email yesterday about a brand new, lower-priced line that Kate Spade is creating to reach 20-30 somethings called Kate Spade Saturday. It’ll launch next spring and according to the company’s president Craig Leavitt, it is “meant to capture the spirit of Saturday every day of the week.”

kate spade saturdayI have put checking out this collection on my future to-do list. Will you?

Tomorrow night the Branstad ladies are heading out on the town – more specifically, to the East Village, to partake in a cooking class with Alessandra. We had purchased a gift card for a free class for our mom(in-law) for Mother’s Day this year and, due to crazy schedules, are just now getting around to it. We will be taking on the chef’s world winning recipe of Tiramisu’ della signora Marcella. Can’t wait to bust out that apron!

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To-Do lists: I love the feeling of putting a check mark in a box.
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