Leave it to Beaver-dale

John + Hill update: That was truly the most unique wedding I’ve ever been to. I knew it was going to be good – and I was right. Relive the night with me via some epic photos:

John + Hill Wedding

So cool they even had their own neon sign.

I have been going to the Beaverdale Fall Festival for as long as I can remember. (Check out my fave photos from last year!) As a kid I danced in the parade for Van Cleve and even entered a talent competition or two (there’s video proof!). So it should come as no surprise that I am like a kid the night before Christmas right now. I love this festival! Starting with the early morning set-up on our friend’s front lawn complete with mimosas, bagels and coffee, and ending with a game or two of bingo in my alma mater’s gym and one of Dutch Welter’s egg rolls. Head here for the full schedule – hope to see you there!

Beaverdale Fall Fest

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1 Response to Leave it to Beaver-dale

  1. Chris Branstad says:

    Loved everything about John and Hill’s wedding! Great colors!

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