Oh what a spooky sight

Iowa super bowl update: What a rough weekend. Saturday I witnessed yet another Hawkeye loss to Iowa State and on Sunday I was down for the count with some sort of bug. I’m pretty sure I could still use another day to get back into the swing of things.

Hawks go down

It was a good time minus the fact that our team lost.

I am so excited to share this next bit of insider info with my fellow Des Moines (and Halloween) lovin’ peeps. Terrace Hill will be opening up its doors and inviting in costumed creatures for their first ever Scare-Us-Hill Pumpkin Ball on Halloween night. And get this, yours truly is in charge of turning this stately manor into a creepy, spider-webby, spirits-around-any-corner haunted house for the historic event.

So on my to do list until October 31st: scour Pinterest, websites and blogs for any and all spooky decor ideas that I can make come to life in the Victorian manse.

Scare Us Hill Pumpkin Ball

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1 Response to Oh what a spooky sight

  1. here2havefun says:

    Have fun transforming Terrace Hill into a creepy haunted ball. What an amazing looking building to begin with!

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