Lands’ End v. J.Crew

When craftiness calls update: I spent Thursday and Friday night holed up in my parents’ basement working on my mom’s future craft room, yet I feel like we didn’t get anywhere. So much stuff!

Linda's craft room

We made a dent…I think.

The long Labor Day weekend was filled with all sorts of fun including: a bachelorette brunch, surprise birthday party,  impromptu date night dinner, Dahl’s breakfast and snuggle time with Karl due to fall allergies.

Labor Day Weekend 2012

Can’t every weekend be three days long?

This weekend during some downtime, my mom and I headed to the mall in search of some rain boots for my niece Alexis’ upcoming birthday. While there, we stopped into Sears hoping to get lucky. No wellies were found, but some super cute clothes were. Did you know that Lands’ End sells some of its line there? I was shocked at how much their items resembled J.Crew options but for a fraction of the cost. Check it out:

Lands' End v. J. Crew

A return trip is on my to do list. I’m eyeing those colorful cardis and cords for fall!

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To-Do lists: I love the feeling of putting a check mark in a box.
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