Delightful desserts

Denim jackpot update: It seems like everyone is raving about their chambray shirts lately. Even one of my fave blogs, Kendi Everyday, was all about her denim top this week. My quest for dressed up denim turned out to be quite fruitful thanks to some refined Pinterest searches. Can’t wait to try out some of these looks for fall/winter:

How to style a denim shirt

How to style a denim shirt

I love a good gals night out and tomorrow we are taking it one step further. Instead of doing our usual locally owned location dinner, we have decided to go for sweets and drinks at the dessert lounge, Creme Cupcake. Such a brilliant idea! Who doesn’t love their cupcake served with a sip of champagne? And that is just the start, check out some of these pairings: Irish Whiskey Mousse paired with a Spanish Coffee rum and Kahlua drink and Lavishing Lava Cake paired with a Vanilla Peach Cobbler drink

Creme Cupcake

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