T.G.I. the weekend

Wee ones update: There is something so special about watching a couple grow together. Nate and Kate are one of those couples. A little background: Marcus and Nate are the bestest of buds and spent a few years together as roommates. It was during that time spent at The Plaza downtown that they both met their future wives – Kate and myself. (Best thing to ever happen to both of them if you ask us.) Fast-forward to the present day: Marcus and I tied the knot and Nate and Kate are married with two of the cutest kids in the world, Mia and Theo. One of which I met for the first time tonight. Talk about precious.

Theo & Mia

Theo & Mia

I am so ready for the weekend especially since the recent evening temps have been in the 50s! Not quite sure what we will be up to, but I’ll leave you with this picture I received tonight from my sister, Morgan, who was hanging out with the Bean.

Sid and Legal in the wagon

Besties. Too cute for words!

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