Operation organize

Whole lotta fun update: We headed over to the brand-spankin’-new Whole Foods tonight and it did not disappoint. We tried out a few truffle cheeses and  a whole bunch of cold salads and they were all de-lish! Can’t wait to do some more exploring in their aisles when things die down a bit. After we got home, we celebrated with warm peach hand pies, a recipe that I snagged from the Whole Foods website.

Whole Foods WDM

Worth the hype.

Peach hand pies - the process

The process.

Peach hand pies: The finished product.

The finished product plus we added a dollop of Picket Fence ice cream.

We shall dub this upcoming weekend The Purge because that is exactly what will be happening in my house. The main areas I’m wanting to organize are the closets (yes, I have multiple), DVDs and books and my desk area. Here are some of the organization photos that I’ve found on Pinterest that I’m thinkin’ might work for my space:


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