Gene on the big screen

Christmas in July update: I’m still coming to grips today with the massive collaboration announcement yesterday. This could be worse than Black Friday. Better start preparing yourselves now for long lines and sprinters in the stores. I found more information about the super collab collection hitting stores on December 1.

1. Mark your calendars, there will be a big unveil of the products on October 16.
2. Each designer will create 1-3 gift-y items each for the collection, which will be sold at Target and Neiman Marcus, both in stores and online.

Dinner is served: Burger and Iowa sweet corn.

Dinner is served: Burger and Iowa sweet corn.

I’m a sucker for old musical films (evidence here), so when I get a chance to see them back on the big screen you can find me in the front row with popcorn in hand. Such is the case tomorrow – celebrating it’s 60th anniversary, Singin’ in the Rain will return to the theaters for one night only. Gene, Debbie and Donnie – here I come.


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