Keep your cool

Flighty fashion update: Back in action and feeling relaxed as ever. We got back into town on Saturday and today was my first day back in the office. While most people dread coming home to laundry and emails, for some reason this time, I didn’t mind it. Must be a sign of a true vacation.

The wedding

The wedding – congrats Eric & Abbie!

The Bean

The Bean (and her many swimsuits)

The rest

The rest

It’s heating up this week here in Des Moines with forecasted temps in the 100s – YUCK! When it is this hot there are some measures I take in order to keep my cool:


NARS Multiple stick: When you don’t feel like wearing too much make-up swipe this stuff on your lips, cheeks and eyelids and you’re set.

Danskin bike shorts

Danskin bike shorts: Perfect to wear under skirts and dresses to keep legs from rubbing when it’s crazy hot outside.


Braids: Keep your hair off of your face and the nape of your neck.

About tomorrowstodos

To-Do lists: I love the feeling of putting a check mark in a box.
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