June bug update: What a memorable evening! I can honestly say this is something Marcus and I will be talking about for years to come. For an anniversary gift, I went out on a search for something unique and fit just for Marcus – and I found it with one call to famed Des Moines French restaurant Baru 66.

I worked with wife/husband duo Sara Hill and Chef David Baruthio to create the perfect gift for my favorite foodie – a private six-course dinner served to us at Terrace Hill. It was a gastronomic tour fit for a king (and his queen).



Nothing says summer like the smell of a fired up grill and sticky, sweet barbecue sauce. And that is exactly what we will indulge in tomorrow night at my parents’ house. They are hosting a little get-together with family and friends to enjoy some finger lickin’ delights from Smokey D’s BBQ.

This is just the first of many backyard bashes that I’m sure I will be attending this summer, so it’s always nice to have some go-to outfits for such an event. Like these:


tank & shorts or dress & necklace
sandals & clutch

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  1. Pierotucci says:

    I am BBQing tonight, its the best way I know to say TGIF. Please visit our site: or our blog

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