H&M on my mind

Beat the heat update: My bags are packed and I’m ready to hit the road for hotter temps and maybe a few shelled peanuts and a dog at the stadium.

packing for KC

I know. It looks like chaos right now…

We have four tickets to every game this weekend, so we are swapping who gets to go to each one. Tomorrow night’s game will be just dad and his girls – I can’t wait! Saturday will be spent shopping – tracking down some deals, steals and fabulous finds. In the evening, Marcus and I will be heading to one of our KC faves, the Webster House, for a little date night. And we’ll finish out the weekend with another day game on Sunday before we head home.

On Saturday, I have a few ‘must hit’ spots on my agenda and H&M is definitely at the top of my list! Here is what I’m on a hunt for:

H&M lust list

tanks, clutch, necklacedress, wedges, sandals

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