May Day

Freakin’ weekend update: What a dreary weekend we had. Boo! I hope that the forecast is right and that there is warmer weather ahead. I can handle the rain, but those chilly temps have got to go! Even with the crummy weather, I still managed to have a fabulous weekend – time with the fam, some new kicks, my first gymnastics meet and a baby shower. Not too shabby.

weekend update

Tomorrow is May 1st – can you believe it?! Growing up I remember rushing home after school so that we could be the first to deliver May Day baskets to our friends. My mom would stay behind the wheel and we’d ring the doorbell and drop off our popcorn and candy filled cups then race back to the car, hop in and take off in hopes of not getting caught. What a thrill!

This is definitely something I want to do with my children in the future, but these days I usually just buy some fresh flowers for myself to celebrate. I think tomorrow I will bring some flowers and treats to work for our weekly meeting.

Trader Joe's flowers - the best!

Trader Joe's flowers - the best!

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