Needing neon

Laying low update: Sometimes the best way to recharge is by eating decadent meats and cheeses – at least that is the way we decided to fuel up after a long weekend. Tonight we met my sister at our fave local spot The Cheese Shop to imbibe a bit in celebration of Fat Tuesday and to thank her for watching our fur baby this past weekend while we were at the French extravaganza. If you haven’t already visited this little gem, I strongly suggest you get it on your to-do list STAT!

The Cheese Shop

I love meats and cheeses.

It’s not even March yet and I’ve already got a pretty serious case of spring fever. Part of that has to do with the fact that all the stores have their spring break gear out in full force. One thing I’m noticing a lot of (and loving) is neon. The brighter the better. I’m thinking I might need to snag a little neon for myself sometime soon. Maybe it will tide me over until the real spring gets here?

Needing Neon

1. Auqa, Neon studded earrings, $20
2. Ann Taylor LOFT, Textural pocket mini skirt, $59.50
3. Bauble Bar, Colorful initial pendant, $54
4. Tobi, Color stacked clutch, $46
5. J.Crew, Tippi sweater, $72.50
6. Forever21, Vibrant skinny jeans, $24.90
7. Gap, Neon rain boots, $49.95
8. Ann Taylor, Perfect skinny neon belt, $30

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