VP Xi, what outfit will it be?

I love LOVE update: There is something so great about Valentine’s Day. We love every other day of the year too, but on this specific holiday I get to be super gushy and get away with it. Here is how I spent my day with all of my valentine’s:

Vday breakfast

A special Valentine's breakfast for my love and myself.

Red velvet

Red velvet cupcakes for my co-workers.

Perfect pair

The perfect pair of V-day shoes.

My furry Valentine.

My furry Valentine.

Floor fort

Clicquot, a spa day and a floor fort for movie night. Perfection!

We have a very special visitor in Iowa this week and he arrives tomorrow evening – Vice President, Xi Jinping of China. We will be with the fam on the tarmac as he arrives followed by a state dinner at the capitol afterwards. We are all very excited to be a part of such a special event, but that leaves one to ask: what does one wear when they are to meet the future president of China?

The invite says ‘business attire’ and I’m pretty sure I have a good grasp on what that is, and here is my Spring take on it.


1. H&M, Cardigan, $24.95
2. Old Navy, Woman’s dolman sleeve shirt, $19.50
3. Target,  Mossimo Versie Pumps, $29.99
4. Kate Spade, Portola Valley Kaley, $206
5. J.Crew, Factory bellflower tweed pencil skirt, $79.50

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