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Cheers and beer soup, Amen update: The soup was a bust – well, it was if you ask me. The cheese just didn’t melt the way I thought it would and the addition of the sausage with casing just didn’t sit well with me.

Better luck next time

Better luck next time.

But what made up for the bad soup was the package I received today from the oh-so-fabulous  Tory Burch. Who’s ready for some sunny poolside days?! ME!

Tory Burch

Tory Burch does product packaging right!

Tomorrow I have my appointment to get a new ID badge photo taken for work. Just like driver’s licenses, ID badge photos (when done wrong) can really be a Debbie Downer.

So here are some tips (via Beauty and the Feast) to remember to make your ID picture or driver’s license turn out fab:

  • TIP #1 – Smile slightly
    Instead of flashing a toothy smile (or none at all), keep your mouth closed and only smile slightly.
  • TIP #2 – Lose 10 pounds
    OK not literally. By bringing your neck forward and leaning slightly out you will create the effect of a tighter jawline, thus taking off the extra 10 pounds the camera adds.
  • TIP #3 – Squinty eyes
    very slight squinty eye shows confidence. Obviously, don’t go overboard to seduce the camera — this is a standard ID picture we’re talking about.
  • TIP #4 – Women with long hair, keep it looking neat 
    Leaving hair loose is fine, but just remember for a straight-on shot, make sure you keep your hair hanging over both your shoulders.
  • TIP #5 – For men, scruff can work in your favor 
    To go in with a 5 o’clock shadow or not? Scruff absorbs a little more light and in bad lighting that you generally find where you get your standard ID pictures taken, this generally looks better.
  • TIP #6 – Don’t wear a color too close to your skin tone
    Since you probably won’t know what that color will do, go for something vibrant.

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