Wu, Wu, Jason Wu

Can I ask a favor update: While walking down a Target aisle, these babies caught my eye and I knew I had found my Valentine’s dinner favors. Pink and fun for the ladies, dark and manly with pops of red for the gents. Now, how should I package them…

Valetine Dinner favors

Festive but not too Valentine specific.

Tonight was this month’s GNO (Girls Nigh Out) dinner and the winning locale this time was  East Village’s own Zombie Burger (also tasted here). While I have been there before a few times, I forgot how much I love their Planet Terror burger. Mmmmm, I can still taste the BBQ and bacon.

Zombie Burger

Highly recommend the side salad - they are HUGE and delish.

I can’t say enough good things about Target. I mean, I’m pretty much there at least once a week. It’s my happy place. I love to wander the aisles aimlessly even if I don’t need to buy anything in particular. And it is no secret that I have been obsessed with their collaborations with high-end designers for quite some time now. Anyone remember Isaac Mizrahi? I still wear skirts and dresses from his collections in the past.

Target recently announced that it’ll be leaving behind their Go International branding in favor of something new that’ll allow them to encompass all opportunities for collaboration, not just clothing. Much like the Missoni for Target line that people went crazy for (me included) that had everything from zig-zag tights to colorful tumblers.

More details on that should be coming out very soon, but until then, Target is distracting us with its next designer collab that hits stores February 5 – Jason Wu for Target. The lookbook just dropped today and I can’t wait to get my hands on a piece or two. Here are a few of my faves:

Jason Wu for Target

P.S. Major bonus points if anyone knows what movie I am referencing in my blog post title.

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