Turkey time came early

House of ginger update: Seriously, could my nieces be any cuter? I sure was a huge help at the gingerbread house decorating event… Of course I had to join in the fun and decorate a house of my own.

My nieces

All my little ladies.

Gingerbread houses

Bridget, Mackenzie, Me

T.B.’s birthday celebration was a lot of fun, and a great trip down memory lane for Marcus and his siblings.

Terry's Adventureland birthday

Happy 65th Terry!

Since my mom and younger sis were out-of-town this weekend, Mariss, Sid and I decided to join my dad for breakfast this morning at a new cafe I read about this week – PerKup Cafe. My sister and I split the croissant sammie and a side of hash browns. And be sure to get some toast to spread their homemade jam on – YUM!

PerKup Cafe

I love a cozy breakfast place.

I am really looking forward to the short work week and long holiday weekend. I am getting the week started tomorrow with a pre-Thanksgiving dinner potluck with my girlfriends. I am in charge of bringing the cheesy potatoes and a dessert. I can’t wait to spread some holiday cheer and get a head start on the turkey tasting.

About tomorrowstodos

To-Do lists: I love the feeling of putting a check mark in a box.
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