Pay it forward

Many thanks update: Now that the birthday hoopla has passed and so has Halloween, I am in full holiday mode. This entire week all I could think about was mistletoe, Douglas firs, Black Friday and Mannheim Steamroller. And as I sat down for an evening of television the other night, it was as if the TV gods knew it was time as well, because what movie came on? Home Alone.

Anyone that knows me is aware of the slight obsession I have with this movie. I even started using “woof” as a common phrase to describe how I feel about things. As in Kevin McCallister’s reference to his brother’s lady-love – “Buzz! Your girlfriend! WOOF!” I mean, this entire flick is packed with great lines that can (and should) be used in everyday life.

To take it one step further, while living in Chicago I managed to track down the house and a few other locales to go visit. Check these out!

Home Alone house

"This is my house, I have to defend it."


"How fast does this thing go? Does it have automatic transmission? Does it have four-wheel drive?"

During the holiday season I am always reminded how blessed I am. This year is no different. So tomorrow I am taking some time out of my weekend to give back by volunteering at the Des Moines University Senior Health Fair. This is a great annual event put on by DMU for free health screenings for people 50 and older.

I will end this post with a friendly little reminder to get you through the next 50 days. It’s not about ‘getting’ it’s about ‘giving’.

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