New kicks

The quest for the perfect workout pants update: I started my search tonight at T.J. Maxx just to see what they had to offer. I tried on four pairs and left empty-handed. After having seen an annoying commercial the other day, I remembered that Old Navy was having a sale on their active line. So I made my way over there and lo and behold, found myself a pair of pretty fabulous workout pants.

Old Navy workout pants

Old Navy, Premium Active Boot-Cut Pants, $25 on sale

Of course as I was on my way to check out with my spiffy new pants, a sign saying “75% off” pops up out of nowhere with some leopard print blouses below it. How could I not stop? And here is what I walked away with…

Old Navy Leopard blouses

Leopard blouses - I couldn't pick just one color. $8.73 on sale

Sheer Ruffle-Front Top

Old Navy, Sheer Ruffle-Front Top, $8.73 on sale

Leopard Boat-Neck Sweater Dress

Old Navy, Leopard Boat-Neck Sweater Dress, $22.45 on sale

Pretty good haul for a random Wednesday night! And to think, all I thought I was going to buy was a pair of workout pants.

I am way overdue for a new pair of running shoes, and so for my upcoming birthday I have asked for them as a gift from my parents. After work tomorrow my mom and I are heading over to the only place I’ve bought my running shoes for the past ten or so years, Fitness Sports. If we’re lucky, there is a good chance I’ll walk out of there with a wild colored pair of New Balance shoes. Seems to be par for the course for me over the years.


Well, probably not THIS wild.

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