Bean’s birthday eve

Dress up your cuts update: Nothing big to report here – the flu shot went off without a hitch, and the band-aid is BOR-ING! Although the nurse did say she would draw a heart on it if I wanted her to jazz it up a bit.

As a sweet gesture (probably because he was actually buying wine when he wasn’t supposed to be) my husband picked up and cooked one of my favorite things for dinner tonight – gnocchi. Not only did he recreate one of my favorite dishes, but he used the massive zucchini we got from my sister’s garden to serve it in.

gnocchi in zucchini

gnocchi in zucchini ala chef Marcus

Who else is soooo excited that tomorrow is Friday?! I am ready for the weekend, even though it’s already packed with things to do. Birthdays, a wedding and pumpkin picking to name a few. Tomorrow night I am heading over to birthday headquarters to make sure all of my decor is finished and ready to go for the Bean’s big day. For now, sleep.

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