My lovely lady pumps

How have you Bean update: I still can’t believe our little Bean is going to be one year old on Saturday. Since the day she came into this world our lives have never been the same. I’m such a proud aunt and am so lucky that I get to spend as much time with her as I want because she lives a few blocks away. What is even better, is that her upcoming party gives me another reason to plan and create an event and its decor. Since the wedding let up, I’ve been getting that “itch” again. Enter the Bean’s cupcake themed first birthday party extravaganza!

Bean's first birthday

Cupcakes for my little Bean. Check out that smash cake!

My Bean

She's getting so big!

Not only do we have the Bean’s big first birthday on Saturday, but we also have a wedding to attend that evening. With everything else going on around here lately I have decided to just go with a simple black dress from my closet. Now I must decide what to pair with it…

Lately, I’ve really been loving the lady-like look of nude pumps. Mostly because they seem to be everywhere. Even the Duchess of Cambridge favors them.

Kate PumpsSo on tomorrow’s list – find some fabulous (possibly patent) nude pumps for not only the wedding this weekend, but to add to my closest as a staple that will last for as long as I can wear heels.

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