It’s chili out there

The moment we’ve waited for update: God bless all moms, but especially mine today. With a 11-month baby in tow, she ventured out to five (yes, FIVE) Targets in search of the Missoni for Target items we (myself and sisters) coveted the most. Due to her unbelievable efforts, I was able to get my top three items and then some! I made a quick trip out to meet her over my lunch hour today and was amazed at how much was already gone from the shelves. And good luck if you wanted to find stuff online today, the Target site was down most of the day due to Missoni Madness. I did a quick check on eBay to see if anything was up yet and was SHOCKED at what items were going for!

Missoni for Target

The scene

Missoni for Target

The goods

After all of this Missoni-ing I’m really looking forward to spending some time with my husband tomorrow. He is treating me to some deer chili since the word on the street is that it might possibly drop into the 30s tomorrow night. I LOVE FALL!

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