Creating ambiance

I must finish update: Okay, tomorrow is the day that they officially get done… Just seven more to crank out. Geez, I feel a little bad about the last set that will be sent out. I’m sure they think we are horrible people for taking this long to get their thank you to them. Whoops. I’m usually more on top of things.

Tonight I had the chance to relive my glory days vicariously through my niece, Mackenzie. She just started kindergarten and decided to take part in a little cheerleading camp this week, culminating in a performance before the Dowling Catholic football game this evening. Back in the day, I was the one on that field cheering for “our boys” as a varsity football cheerleader. Some very fond memories came flooding in tonight as I thought back on my time at Dowling. Good times!

Dowling cheerleading


Mackenzie cheerleading

Aunt Nicole and Aunt Allison (both DHS cheerleading alums) couldn't pass up the chance to strike a pose too!

Tomorrow I have agreed to help my mother-in-law out with a dinner party she is hosting in the evening. As you might already know, I love creating the perfect ambiance for any party, so I told her I would love to tackle the floral arrangements and menus for the event.

dinner menu

Some fancy menus for a fancy dinner.

I’ll be sure to take pics of the final decor and share them with you in the next post. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

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