Another day, another dollar

Glitter and sparkles update: Whew, the weekends sure do go fast! Since Marcus was gone most of it, I had a lot of time for myself, and on Saturday I spent most of it with my niece, Sidney. I picked her up early and we went for a long walk. After that we figured a weekend wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the mall. But the highlight of my day was her falling asleep with me. She is just the cutest, especially when she isn’t trying to climb the stairs.

Bean is mobile

The Bean is mobile folks!

Saturday night, since my mom and sisters were in Chicago, my dad, brother-in-law, Sid and myself headed over to Saints for dinner and a cold one. That place has such a great outdoor patio and the weather was perfect!


Cut those two off

Sunday started off with a trip to the grocery store and Trader Joes. I promised Marcus that I would make dinner tonight (scary, I know) so I had to pick up the ingredients and some fresh flowers.

Trader Joe's flowers

So obsessed with these glads from Trader Joe's.

Here was the menu:

Peach-Whiskey BBQ Chicken from my new fave The Pioneer Woman

Peach whiskey bbq chickenCrockpot Cheesy Party Potatoes from my old employer Taste of Home

Cheesy potatoes
Candy-Bar Bars from Better Homes & Garden  topped with Coffee ice cream from Trader Joe’s

Candy-bar bars

I don’t cook often, so I was a little worried about cooking for the chef a.k.a. my husband, but he was pleasantly surprised by how good everything tasted and he even said I could cook it again sometime! Success.

In between cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry I was able to paint my nails too like I had planned. I decided to go with the chunkier glitter polish, Only Gold for Me from Sephora over my own Essie BFF Best Boyfriend. So cute and fun!

Glitter Mani

A glitter mani to start the week off right.

Tomorrow starts another week – Marcus is traveling for most of it, but I’d sure like to get to another local eatery for Restaurant Week. (Hint, hint Marcus when you read this post!)

I’ll leave you tonight with this pic of me and my boys snuggled up, ready for bed and the start of a new week.

I ruff you

I ruff you!

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