Hays seed

It’s gettin’ hot in here update: Hot yoga was a lot better this week – well, the actual class part was at least. Post-class was a little rough for me. I think I overheated a little bit and rushed the exit. What happened next isn’t pretty – nor blog-worthy, so I’ll leave it out. Once again, I’m planning on going back next week. Third time’s the charm, right?

In other news, I caught a glimpse of the highly anticipated (well, for some people) Missoni for Target line that debuts in September. I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to make it out of the store without going overboard!

Missoni for Target homeMissoni for Target womenMissoni for Target menMissoni for Target kidsTomorrow we are hitting the open road after work to head westward to Hays, Kansas – both of my parent’s hometown. I absolutely love going back there because as soon as you enter the town things just slow down – in a good way. Plus, they have some of the cutest shops I’ve ever seen. My favorite is called C.S. Post and I can’t wait to check out what they’ve got in stock right after I pick up a latte at the quaint little coffee shop across the street, Cafe Semolino.

I, of course, have a few local eateries I like to check out: ordering late night food from the Taco Shop, Diet Mountain Dew snoballs from Cerv’s, and a freshly brewed beer from Gella’s Diner.

If you ever find yourself in western Kansas, I highly suggest you stop by!

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