Holding memories

Jazz in July update: It feels good to be the mayor of something. Of course I am talking about being the mayor (Foursquare reference) of the Jazz in July venue tonight, Terrace Hill. With all the wedding and family trips to the compound I know that place inside and out! The evening went off without a hitch and included a few of my favorite things: music outdoors, family, wine and sweet treats – you gotta love that, even though it was a little bit sweaty.

Jazz in July at Terrace Hill

Jazz in July at Terrace Hill

I need to get started on getting our wedding album put together. We received this fabulous personalized album as a gift and I can’t wait to get our photos organized and into it. It is such a great gift if you know a couple getting hitched anytime soon. Especially if the bride is as crazy about photos and organizing as I am.

Pottery Barn Engravable Album

Pottery Barn, Engravable Wedding Album, $79

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