To the max

The honeymoon is over…literally update: As you may have already figured out my posting hasn’t been regular lately. To be honest, I am having a hard time adjusting to my post-wedding lack of daily activities, which can only mean one thing – I need some new hobbies and self-goals. And what better time to find new things to try out than in the summer.

This city is teeming with festivals and events throughout the dog days of summer, so my goal is to try to make it out to at least one of them a week. Who knows what I will find on these excursions, but anything is better than sitting on my rump. Well, I guess anything is better than spending every free moment writing thank you’s.

First up this week, an Iowa Cubs game and a trip to the Des Moines Arts Festival. More on that in the upcoming posts…

Tomorrow we are heading to a backyard reception for our friends who eloped to Vegas last year. They are finally settled into their new home and are having us all over to officially celebrate their marriage. Of course it’s supposed to be about a thousand degrees out tomorrow and all I can think about is how much I’m going to be sweating.

In attempts to stay cool (and hide my healing bug bites – the one minus from our Antigua honeymoon) I am on the hunt for the perfect maxi dress. This shouldn’t be that big of a task because they seem to be everywhere I look these days.

Here are a few super cute options that are out on the racks:

Gap maxi dress

Gap, Strapless print maxi dress, $89.99

Old Navy maxi dress

Old Navy, Jersey knit maxi dress, $37.50


Forever 21, Floral maxi dress w/ belt, $24.90

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson, One Shoulder Flutter Sleeve Floral Grecian Maxi, $148

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