Signing off…I think

My best for brunch update: Missed the ‘ol Friday post…sorry about that. It’s not like I am planning a wedding or anything…

I ended up going with this skirt I already own, but have yet to wear, for the day-after brunch. Should be perfect!

This weekend was all about tying up loose ends and just making sure things are lined up and ready to rock for this upcoming week. I’m feelin’ pretty good about everything right now. We moved all of the wedding decor that I’ve spent the past year of my life compiling over to Terrace Hill this afternoon.

I also took a little time to enjoy my future niece Mackenzie’s dance recital today. She did such a great job and looked oh-so-cute while doing her little dance. I can’t wait to see her and Bridget in their flower girl dresses next weekend. Cutest ever!

Mack's dance recital

Well, I’m not going to make any promises that I will post this week. I’m sure you can understand why. As the timeline stands, things get underway on Tuesday as the tent goes up on the grounds (which I got to peek at today, and they are BEAUTIFUL!) I’m picking up my dress on Wednesday, and the dance floor goes down on Thursday.

It’s hard to believe that it’s finally here…WEDDING WEEK! If I have time, I will take and post some set-up pictures…but we’ll see.

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One Response to Signing off…I think

  1. Laura Gaulke says:

    Good luck! The final stretch. Still praying for good weather. I know it is going to be perfect. Let me know when you are back. Have a wonderful wedding and honey moon!

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