75 and sunny?

Get your hair did update: Mom had her hair trial this morning and LOVED IT (whew!). All of us gals met her at Palmer’s Deli for lunch and to check out her ‘do. I actually really love this look and hope she tries it on her own sometime just to change things up every once and awhile. Sidenote: I had the pulled pork sammie for lunch as it was the special today, and it did not disappoint!

May 18After I got home tonight I was treated to a luxury around these parts – fresh morel mushrooms. Marcus picked them the other day and tonight he fried them up for us. What a great little mid-week treat!

Morel mushrooms

I have to fit into what dress next week?

Ok, folks – tomorrow is the big day. What day is that you might ask? Well it’s the day the 10-day forecast comes out that finally includes Saturday, May 28th – our wedding day! I know, I know, it can’t really be trusted, but I will of course do about 20 cartwheels and jump for joy if it says 75 and SUNNY. Here’s to hoping for the best!

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