Race to the finish

Best mom ever update: Ok peeps, soooo sorry for the “no posts”. Here’s the story (of course there’s a story). I was over at my parents’ house this weekend doing all sorts of wedding work (more on that later) and I packed up my computer without my power cord. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal if I didn’t have an old school MacBook who’s battery life is shot and needs to be plugged-in in order to function for more than two seconds. So there went the Sunday night blog.

Yesterday, I was planning on going over my parents’ house after work, but they said they were going to be stopping by our house later on and that they would bring the cord. Well, they showed up, but with the wrong white cord in hand. And the Monday blog was out the window. So…here we are.

Well, let’s chat about the weekend a little bit. I started off my weekend at the downtown farmer’s market. I highly suggest you check it out at some point this summer. It is one of my favorite things to do in Des Moines. Later on in the afternoon we had tea at Terrace Hill for Mother’s Day and it was very special for me. I got to sit down with both my mom and my future mother-in-law at the same time to celebrate both of them. The theme of the tea was antique jewelery. Check out some of the gems – talk about jaw droppers!

Mothers Day weekend

Sunday rolled around and I went to mom and dad’s for a little homemade breakfast and to work on the wedding ceremony programs a bit more. While I was on my last batch of the 300 programs I realized I misspelled a word on the back of it. Total bummer! So, I had to redo them all. Bleh! After that Marcus and I were off to Centro for lunch with his family to celebrate the mom’s. Who doesn’t love bellinis?

Mothers Day weekend 2It’s crunch time people! We are 18 short days away from the walk down the aisle and I’ve been going non-stop to try to get everything taken care of. Tomorrow we are meeting with our priest to finalize everything, and in the evening I will be printing the inside portion of our ceremony program on fabulous curry yellow paper. It is also time to finalize the guest list and seating arrangements. Who’s sitting with who?

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