Uno mas por favor

Sayin’ my prayers update: Slipped the gown on with no problems – saweet! My sister Marissa was there to practice getting me in and securing the bustle. I am still unsure what my “something borrowed” will be, and am in need of some ideas. Since I can’t show you any pictures of me in the dress, I decided to snap this pic.

Bean in a tiara

Eat your heart out Kate Middleton!

The title of this blog is a phrase that anyone should know if they are planning a trip across the border or are heading to their local mexican restaurant. In honor of tomorrow, Cinco de Mayo, I thought now would be a good time to teach my loyal readers a little Spanish. The translation is “one more, please”.

Who’s ready for some guac, queso and a cerveza and/or margarita?! I know I am and will probably be tipping back a Corona while I continue to print my ceremony programs tomorrow evening. The fun continues…

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