Being catered to

Numbers game update: More (late) RSVPs came in today, and the updated numbers are: 301 possible guests with just 15 people still yet to RSVP. We’re gettin’ there! Slowly but surely. I went over to my parents house tonight to continue working on the ceremony programs, and I truly must be losing my mind because I did not bring my computer along with me. This final month until the wedding and all the stress that goes along with finishing things up is making me loopy. While at their house I got to see this little cutie-pie though!

Sidney Finn

My favorite little bean in her new baseball cap.

Tomorrow I have another site review at our “venue” with our caterer, Christiani’s. We just want to go over everything and make sure we are all set for the big day. I, for one, have loved working with them throughout the past months. They have years of experience and it shows. I’m most looking forward to the appetizer Prima Donna meat and cheese spread that we are going to be having.

Christiani's Catering

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