Overdosed on Easter update: It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do for you. I am BACK people and ready to share the pics from this weekend’s events.

First, I forgot to share this “moment” with you last Friday. Marcus didn’t really want to take this picture, but I made him.

Getting our marriage license

We are on our way to making it official...

Bridget’s Olivia themed birthday party at the zoo was a success as is shown in the pictures below. Such cute kids!

blank park zoo birthday

Easter eve dinner is a Branstad tradition that always includes lamb and risotto, and this year we did racks instead of a leg. YUM!

Lamb for Easter eve

On Easter Sunday we split time between the two families. Check out my sweet Easter basket! My grandpa made it for me when I was little, and it is a great memento of him and his love for crafts and woodwork. He is who I got my craftiness from. I also made the “Easter bunny” hide the baskets this year like he used to do when we were little. It took my forever to find mine because the bunny was very sneaky and opened up one of my registry gifts that came to my parents’ house, placed it inside, and then proceeded to re-seal it with tape. Pretty good one, huh?

Easter Sunday

And like I told you yesterday, we totally crashed as soon as we got home last night. Look at my two boys.

My boys

Our local newspaper, the Des Moines Register, recently ran a story on Pantone’s color of the year for 2011, Honeysuckle. The color is said to be encouraging and uplifting and I can agree with that.


Right after I saw the article I wanted to run out and buy something summer-y, cute and honeysuckle-y – just like all of these fabulous finds over at Kate Spade:


Kate Spade, Mercer Street Mini Lacey, $95

Kate Spade Wish shoes

Kate Spade, Wish heels, $225

Date Night ring

Kate Spade, Date Night ring, $55

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