Just the two of us

Go Cubs Go update: Well, they didn’t go actually. After raining literally all day long, the game was postponed and will now be played in June. Hopefully the weather will feel like coordinating then. So instead, Karl and I stayed in and snuggled under the down comforter while catching up on reality TV nonsense.

Earlier today Marcus and I had our second Friday lunch date in a row – and both times we visited one of our faves, Lucca. They just started making homemade pasta again and it is out of this world – highly recommend!

Lucca pastaIt’s shower (not just the rain kind) mania around here, and tomorrow we have another couples shower with Marcus’ side of the family and his parents’ friends. I have the hostess gifts ready and my dress picked out, so I’m all ready to go.

I love the idea of doing a few couples showers instead of all bridal because I don’t relish all the attention. While I was online surfing wedding and party planning blogs the other day, I came across this super fun LumberJack and Jill couples shower. How much fun would this be?!

lumberjack and jill bridal shower

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