Always on Target

Get with the program update: The programs are still a work in process and once everything is finalized I will have to get them approved by the ceremony musician as well as the church wedding coordinator. I am planning on putting a parking map on the back cover of the programs so that guests know where they are to park at the reception along with where they are to enter the grounds. But here is what they’ll look like…

My Wedding Ceremony program

Not looking forward to the printing, cutting, folding and ribbon tying part...

I have long been a fan of Target for many reasons, but within the past five years they have really stepped it up a notch with their many collection collaborations with different designers and companies. Recently they released the best of the best dresses from past GO International collections which are quickly flying off the racks.

Tomorrow I am going to hit up the bullseye for some shoes from the Dolce Vita for Target line. They have some super cute wedges that I am dying to get my hands on. The hunt is on…

Dolce Vita for Target

Deciding between the two styles - both are $29.99

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