Signature Drink

It’s All Fun and Games Update: I have my work cut out for me this weekend. Tonight we popped into Lowe’s to get the goods for priming and painting the bags sets. Here they are in all their bare, unpainted glory.

Board set

Game on!

As if this week hasn’t been gluttonous enough already, tomorrow night I am heading to Christopher’s restaurant to try out a list of wines. We are going through a distributor to get our beverages for the wedding reception, and if you are able to do this for your wedding I highly recommend it. It can save you major bucks! We will be picking one white wine, one red and probably three or four different bottles of beer. On top of that, we are serving a signature cocktail. I had one in mind that included limoncello, but when we gave it a test run last weekend it fell flat. So on to plan b – which is a whole lot simpler – vodka lemonades. These will be refreshing and can be made ahead of time for easy pouring for the bartenders.

Here is a great resource for finding a signature drink for your wedding. Check out these beautiful yellow bevies!

Pretty lemon-y goodness

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