Bridal Bling

Regulation Size Update: I already have my fave bottles that I snagged from The James Hotel in Chicago over a year ago. The Kiehl’s bottles are just so dang cute that I refill them with my every day shampoo and conditioner when I run out instead of buying new minis. I think it’s the strictly typographic style that gets me?

Love my little minis!

My second dress fitting is tomorrow so the bodice should be fitted to where I’m at and now we’ll work on the length. At my first fitting I tried on a few different earring options because I have no clue what I want to wear for the big day. I am having a hard time deciding between bling and class – diamonds or pearls. And then there’s the issue of whether I should go with studs or danglers. Decisions, decisions…

Ear candy that would be perfect for your wedding day:

BHLDN, Chime Earrings, $88

Nordstrom, CaraAccessories Crystal Earrings, $48

Kate Spade, Tuxedo Pearls Lever-Back Earrings, $47 On Sale @

J.Crew, Pearl jewel box earrings, $68

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